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Shannon Sims

Independent multimedia journalist

Reporting across Latin America, Brazil, and the southern US. Covering business, economics, environment, law, politics, social movements, & more. Twitter @shannongsims Email:

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A 'Zero' Grade for Half a Million Brazilians

Last year twice as many students scored 1000, a perfect score on the essay, and only 100,000 scored zero.

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In Defense of Hammocks

Those poor Brazilians are on to something. The hammock brings with it a variety of health benefits, including deeper, faster sleep, thanks to that rocking movement, which researchers say stimulates brain waves.

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The Paradise Islands Where Everyone's Divorced

And the average 30-year-old woman has been married 4 times.

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In Brazil, Hot Dogs Are an Entire Feast

"Nestled among these regular characters of Brazilian street nights is the late-night scene stealer, the cachorro-quente or Brazilian hot dog."

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Brazil’s Poorest Need a Hero. Is Flávio Dino the Right Guy?

How do you oversee a state where life expectancy is five years less than the national average? You start by taking on a dynasty.

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Throw Out the Free Throw

An immodest proposal for curing basketball's ills.

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Kizomba: The Sensual Dance From Angola

"The word zouk means party or festival; if zouk is the party, kizomba is what’s going on in the back bedroom among the muffled beats of the party raging up front."

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The Town That Floods on Purpose

"It stirs an unforgettable, surreal scene, of colonial buildings reflecting in the flooded streets — a kind of mirrored French Quarter, a photographer’s dream."

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Wave Photography Crests

The newest trend in photography will have you falling in love with the ocean all over again.

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Michael Jackson, Live in Bucharest

"And viewing the show today, as limp body after limp body gets passed above hair-sprayed frizzes and soaked faces, it becomes clear that something different is going on. A collective exorcising of any care or worry or dispute about anything other than the dominance of Michael Jackson is taking place: The King has taken full command of a broken empire."

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A Really Rustic Hideaway: Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic

"Sticking off the northeast of Hispaniola like a strange little mutant crab claw, the Samaná Peninsula offers a taste of the Caribbean as it was, pre-Señor Frog’s."

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The Unlikely Hot Spot in Latin American Film

The room fills with long, meaningful embraces of old friends, as is Northeastern custom. On the one hand, it’s a local celebration for a local scene, but on the other, it’s a triumph of Pernambucan cinema, today’s booming pocket of Brazilian film.

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The 'Streaking' Streak

Across the globe, from Colorado and Ohio to the U.K. and New Zealand, people are heading out for naked sprints.

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Rooting Out Racism in Brazilian Soccer

"After years of turning a blind eye and wrist-slapping, Brazil may be poised finally to wield a stick to combat it."

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Brazil's Great Underground Heist

"Little did they know, 13 feet beneath the asphalt, honking and clatter, one of the greatest heists in history was already underway."