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Shannon Sims

Independent multimedia journalist

Reporting across Latin America, Brazil, and the southern US. Covering business, economics, environment, law, politics, social movements, & more. Twitter @shannongsims Email:

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Building a Social Scene Around a Bike Path

The “crown jewel” of New Orleans’s cycling network isn’t just a way to get around town. It also promises a vibrant space to live, shop, and grab a drink.

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The New York Times

In Brazil, Political Rivals Face a Common Threat: A Rising Judiciary ...

In Brazil, Political Rivals Face a Common Threat: A...

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The New York Times

Ex-President of Brazil Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years in Prison for ...

Ex-President of Brazil Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years...

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How Boston Citizens Defeated the City's Olympic Bid - CityLab

“We should never be planning our cities around three-week events, or planning our cities around visitors.”

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The Washington Post

Can Brazil's president survive the latest scandal? Here are 4 ways ...

We spoke to several Brazilian political analysts, and they set out four scenarios that would all lead to the same place: Temer’s exit.

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The Washington Post

Brazilian President Temer is hit with new corruption allegations

Brazil’s supreme court said prosecutors are investigating him for obstruction of justice and corruption, and a government witness claimed his company paid $1.5 million to Temer in bribes.

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Brazil President Caught On Tape Discussing Hush Money, Plunging Country Into Deep Political Crisis

Last night, a stunning revelation interrupted the evening soap operas in Brazil: the President had been caught on tape discussing a bribe.

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Brazil President Urged To Resign, But Refuses

Today President Michel Temer made an astonishing national address this afternoon, in which he denied his participation in bribery and denied that he would be stepping down.

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Investors Brace For 'Circuit-Breaking' Day For Brazilian Markets

Overnight, American aftermarket indicators showed extreme drops in the value of Brazilian assets, suggesting that today would be a historic day for the Brazilian market.

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Surprising New Study: Brazil Now A Global Leader In Gender Equality In Science

In the study, Brazil stands out for its progress in closing the gender gap over the past two decades.

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The Guardian

'Leniency is over': the controversial plan to "beautify" São Paulo

As part of an effort to ‘clean up’ Brazil’s biggest city, mayor João Doria has been down on his knees, spraying grey paint over beloved street art. Locals are furious.

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The Washington Post

Less skin, more God and no racism: How Brazil’s left and right want to change Carnaval - The Washington Post

Brazil’s increasingly powerful evangelical church and its progressive movements are both pushing to refine Carnaval to match their often opposing priorities.

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Managing Traffic During New Orleans' Mardi Gras - The Atlantic: CityLab

All eyes were focused on the floats passing by when 25-year-old Neilson Rizzuto, stuck in traffic on the avenue after, police believe, a day of heavy drinking, revved the engine of his gray pickup and hit the gas.