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Shannon Sims

Independent multimedia journalist

Reporting across Latin America, Brazil, and the southern US. Covering business, economics, environment, law, politics, social movements, & more. Twitter @shannongsims Email:

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Surprising New Study: Brazil Now A Global Leader In Gender Equality In Science

In the study, Brazil stands out for its progress in closing the gender gap over the past two decades.

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The Guardian

'Leniency is over': the controversial plan to "beautify" São Paulo

As part of an effort to ‘clean up’ Brazil’s biggest city, mayor João Doria has been down on his knees, spraying grey paint over beloved street art. Locals are furious.

Skin article
The Washington Post

Less skin, more God and no racism: How Brazil’s left and right want to change Carnaval - The Washington Post

Brazil’s increasingly powerful evangelical church and its progressive movements are both pushing to refine Carnaval to match their often opposing priorities.

Mg article

Managing Traffic During New Orleans' Mardi Gras - The Atlantic: CityLab

All eyes were focused on the floats passing by when 25-year-old Neilson Rizzuto, stuck in traffic on the avenue after, police believe, a day of heavy drinking, revved the engine of his gray pickup and hit the gas.

Brazil booming busting and now feature article

Brazil: Booming, busting… and now?

As the country tries to move from kneeling to standing, Brazil’s rapidly changing fortunes—booming, busting and now trying to recover in two to three years—has left hundreds of CEOs there asking the same pergunta: How do today’s business leaders best attract talent in such a climate?

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The Washington Post

Brazil passes the mother of all austerity plans - The Washington Post

Imagine setting your budget today for every year through 2036. This week, the world’s ninth-largest economy made just such a decision.

The battle for motivation feature article

Cover Story: The Battle For Motivation

Welcome to the new normal, where workers struggle to care about their jobs. What are the costs, causes and solutions to what may be the defining corporate crisis of today?

Dayse article

How a MasterChef contestant became a feminist hero in Brazil

Dayse Paparoto, a 31-year old chef with crooked glasses and a toothy grin, has suddenly become a symbol of feminist resistance to Brazilian machismo.

800x600 kehlerbrothers article

Cover Story: A Visit With Jasper Hill’s Andy and Mateo Kehler

Discover what motivates then brothers, their favorite cheeses, and their big secret

Cocktail article

The viral photo that perfectly captures why Brazilians are so angry at their government

Many Brazilians are revolted by the image, which seems to give shape in pixel form to a feeling that many people share: That the country’s politicians are not only uninterested in the concerns of the people, but that they are actively ignoring them.

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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crashes Killing 76; Accident Eerily Similar To 1970 Marshall U Crash

Those who remember the Marshall University football team's crash will be startled by the similarities.

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The Washington Post

The most chilling word in Brazil - The Washington Post

The word chacina derives from the killing of pigs. But ask any Brazilian, and they will tell you that there is another, more disturbing meaning of that word.

Criv article

Rio de Janeiro Elects Conservative, Sometimes Homophobic, Bishop To Mayor As Brazil Swings Right

Brazil’s politics have swung to the right in what will go down in history books as a sea-change period.

Ana julia article

Brazil's Youth See Their Future, And Her Name Is Ana Júlia

The fact that she is only 16 is what turns her into an instant beacon of political promise for those who support her position.