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Reporting across Latin America, Brazil, and the southern US. Covering business, economics, environment, law, politics, social movements, & more. Twitter @shannongsims Email:

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Brazil President Caught On Tape Discussing Hush Money, Plunging Country Into Deep Political Crisis

Last night, a stunning revelation interrupted the evening soap operas in Brazil: the President had been caught on tape discussing a bribe.

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Brazil President Urged To Resign, But Refuses

Today President Michel Temer made an astonishing national address this afternoon, in which he denied his participation in bribery and denied that he would be stepping down.

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Investors Brace For 'Circuit-Breaking' Day For Brazilian Markets

Overnight, American aftermarket indicators showed extreme drops in the value of Brazilian assets, suggesting that today would be a historic day for the Brazilian market.

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Surprising New Study: Brazil Now A Global Leader In Gender Equality In Science

In the study, Brazil stands out for its progress in closing the gender gap over the past two decades.

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Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crashes Killing 76; Accident Eerily Similar To 1970 Marshall U Crash

Those who remember the Marshall University football team's crash will be startled by the similarities.

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Rio de Janeiro Elects Conservative, Sometimes Homophobic, Bishop To Mayor As Brazil Swings Right

Brazil’s politics have swung to the right in what will go down in history books as a sea-change period.

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Brazil's Youth See Their Future, And Her Name Is Ana Júlia

The fact that she is only 16 is what turns her into an instant beacon of political promise for those who support her position.

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Brazil Ex-President Lula To Be Tried For Corruption As Country's Politics Come Full Circle

This is 2016 Brazil, and these days the tables of power can turn quickly.

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Lawyer's Powerpoint Slide Accidentally Creates A Classic Brazilian Meme

He announced that as a result, Lula would be charged with corruption and money laundering.

That should have been the topic of discussion across the Brazilian internet. But then Dallagnol fired up a Powerpoint.

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Beloved Brazil Actor, Whose Character Recently Survived Drowning, Drowns In Same River

One episode ended with a cliffhanger showing the actor’s body floating in the sparkling river waters.

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The Most Powerful -- And Corrupt -- Politician in Brazil Finally Has Mandate Ended

Brazilians concerned with rampant corruption in their political system have reason to rejoice today: the man who many consider the most corrupt politician in Brazil – a title for which there is much competition, and who had been removed from office in May – finally had his mandate ended.

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25 American Athletes To Watch At The Paralympics

From adopted sisters to war vets, these are some of the Team USA athletes to watch.

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Why The Paralympic Opening Ceremony Says So Much About Brazil Right Now

Millions of Brazilians are tuning in to watch the show — no, sorry. Correction: millions of Brazilians cannot watch the show because it is not being broadcast on the basic cable channels most Brazilians watch.

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Breaking: Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Impeached In Resounding Vote

The historic vote ends 13 years of leftist rule in Latin America’s biggest country. It also marks the fourth time that an elected Brazilian president does not finish the term.